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JWG 360°rotating platform
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JWG 360°rotating platform

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Motorized Stage ,Hollow Rotary Stage
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Dongguan C&K mechatronix Co., Ltd.was founded in May 2017 and is located in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of precision hardware manufacturing and precision automation control equipment.
The company has a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel with more than ten years of precision hardware manufacturing experience. The products mainly include various precision hardware such as radiators, motor parts, cavities, and automation accessories. The products are widely used in electronics and automobiles. , Telecommunications, medical industry, etc., the main customers are Zhongguang, Yamaichi, Panasonic and other well-known domestic and foreign companies.
In 2018, it cooperated with South Korea's mentor company and began to focus on the R&D and production of high-precision mobile alignment platforms. Such as electric fine-tuning slides, manual fine-tuning sliders, rotary guides, cross guides, curved guides and curved angle measuring slides, etc. Products are widely used in: automation equipment, machinery, electrical appliances, robotics and other industries, and have been consistent with customers Recognition and praise.
In 2019, we took the lead in proposing the service concept of "24 hours to the scene to solve problems" in the automation transmission industry (only in China), so that the automation transmission can be used without worry.
We have always implemented the quality policy of "providing high-quality products and services, striving for excellence, and ensuring customer satisfaction and trust". After two years of hard work and healthy and stable development, we will start customizing non-standard intelligent manufacturing equipment for customers in 2020. "And "one-solution" service, quickly and effectively provide customers with a complete set of product solutions.
Dongguan C&K mechatronixn always adheres to the "market-oriented, customer-centric" business philosophy, meets customer needs with high-quality products and services, and strives to become a trusted partner of customers!





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Product model JWG-60 JWG-100 JWG-130 JWG-200
Structure description Angle range 360° 360° 360° 360°
table size Φ60mm φ100mm φ130mm φ200mm
Gear ratio 90:1 180:1 280:1 180:1
Drive mechanism Turbine and worm mechanism Turbine and worm mechanism Turbine and worm mechanism Turbine and worm mechanism
Guide rail form Bearing Bearing Bearing Bearing
Stepper motor (1.8°) 42BYG 42BYG 57BYG 57BYG
Main material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment Anodized blackening Anodized blackening Anodized blackening Anodized blackening
Central hosting 30kg 45Kg 55kg 55Kg
Weight 1.2kg 1.7Kg 7.9kg 7.9Kg
Accuracy description Resolution 0.02° (no subdivision) 0.001°=3.6" (20 subdivision) 0.01°=36” (no subdivision) 0.0005°=1.8” (20 subdivision) 0.01°=36” (no subdivision) 0.0005°=1.8” (20 subdivision) 0.01°=36” (no subdivision) 0.0005°=1.8” (20 subdivision)
Speed 50°/sec 25°/sec 25°/sec 25°/sec
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18"
The positioning accuracy of the team 0.01°=36" 0.01°=36" 0.01°=36" 0.01°=36"
End jump accuracy 15μ 15μ 15μ 15μ
Empty back 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18"
Eccentricity 20μ 20μ
Lost steps 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18" 0.005°=18"
Parallelism 80μ 80μ 100μ 100μ
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